It’s wallpaper time again! And with the passing of this years Winter Classic which had the great Toronto Maple Leafs  beating the Detroit Red Wings, I decided to make some jersey wallpapers of your favorite Leafs to show off.

I should also note that I did try to do some Red Wing jerseys as well but could not, for the life of me, find the font that they used for the lettering.  ITT Bookman Swash was as close as I could get but it still wasn’t right.

Both jerseys this year were really well done and seeing as how I only really needed the numbers 1 – 9, I may try and replicate the font myself rather than find a “close match” when I have more time.  So, as of now, it’s just Leafs jerseys…


Editors Note:  Yes, I realize Bolland didn’t play in the classic but he was my favorite Leaf this year for the 20 or so games he played so I added him in.


If you’ve got a player you want done ( any team ) let me know below and Ill add him in a future episode of wallpaper Wednesday.