With the 2016 Baseball Season just around the corner I decided to do some jerseys again. (And by again I’m talking about the now incredibly outdated Maple Leaf Winter Classic Jerseys)

I used a photo of a real Blue Jays Jersey that I took as the background then added in the fonts and stitching using Photoshop. The fonts aren’t exact, as you can tell from the “2’s” and “5’s”, but they were pretty close (stay tuned, we plan on fixing this!). Fonts by Conrad has a really nice selection of MLB team typography that you can check out here.

As always, feel free to use these for your Desktop, Tablet or whatever. Just right-click on the image and Set as Desktop Background.

Have a favorite team? Leave a comment below with your favorite team, name (personalized or a player) and a number and we’ll make a custom jersey background just for you!