Turn your desktop into NASA with an ISS Live Screensaver!

As you may, or may not know, NASA has a live stream aboard the International Space Station that you can watch anytime you please. It’s all live and in real time. They call it The ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment and you can view it HERE.

With a little tweaking you can use this 24 hour live stream as your computers screen saver and we will show you how!

You will need an HTML screensaver. It’s basically a small program that allows you to use any web page, HTML file, Shockwave Flash animation, PDF file, JPEG image, or any other file type supported by Internet Explorer as a screen saver. It is incredibly easy to install and takes literally  seconds.
Download the HTML Screensaver Here

You will need the links to the ISS Live Stream to place inside the HTML Screensaver. The cool thing about the HTML Screensaver is that it supports multiple monitors and the ISS Earth View offers different angles.

Here is the primary feed. This usually shows the best images of the earth scrolling by:


Here is a secondary feed, this usually shows a shot of ISS itself, with the earth in the background. Sometimes it shows the inside of the station:


I use the ISS tracking page for my second monitor instead of two streams:


Once you have installed the HTML Screensaver, simply go into your computer’s control panel and go to screensaver settings (Windows 10 screensaver settings are hidden in the Lock Screen settings under personalizaton). You should see “HTML Screensaver in the drop down now. Click on settings, choose your monitor and copy over the links you wish to use. Give it a test and if all is well, apply your settings. Thats it!

Keep in mind that this is a High Definition 24 hr live stream. If you have a data cap on your internet usage I would not recommend this.