T7pro does an amazing job on this fan-made movie
Sometimes things people make really blow me away, be it art, music, photos or games. This fan made movie is no exception.
Ive always been a huge fan of Darth Maul, my second favorite Sith behind Vader of course, and was always kinda P.O.ed that he got next to no screen time in The Phantom Menace then was taken out (but not killed) so easily by Obi-Wan.
The team at T7pro has filled my void, even though its only 18 minutes long, in bringing Maul back. I would guess this is sometime during The Clone Wars though T7pro states its not based on any books or comics, they just made it for fun.
If you’re a fan of Star Wars, visual effects, or fan-made films I would recommend checking this out. It’s about as close to studio quality as you’re going to get and its from a bunch of people “doing it for fun”.