I Went from Uninterested to Oh My God in about 30 seconds...

I will admit that I am a bit of a fan-boy when it comes to the Battlefield Franchise.  I have been playing since Battlefield 1942 and 2142 on the old Refractor Engine then kind of lost touch until Battlefield Bad Company released on Xbox with the Brand New Frostbite Engine complete with destructive environments and feel back in love with the game, dropping hours upon hours into that as well as Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and of course Battlefield 4.

Now, that being said, when I first saw the announcement for Battlefield 1 I will admit I was a bit taken back. A World War I shooter with Horses, Bi-Planes and Zeppelins? Meh… Although a change of pace is always nice from Modern Warfare shooters, I was sure this wasn’t really going to be my “thing”, maybe Ill pick it up on sale or something months after release, that is until I saw the live game play from this years E3.

What I noticed right of the bat was the art work, and that being the main reason Im writing this, the art work is incredible. It always blows my mind the stuff artists and developers can do these days and Dice, with now Frostbite 3.0 didn’t disappoint me.

Those are just some screen shots from the video that don’t really do the art design any justice until you actually watch the game play. The destruction is amazing as you can see the players tear apart this little town fighting each other. It’s also cool to note that the weather is dynamic meaning no matter what map you play, it could be sunny, foggy, rainy, etc… so you have to adjust your play style accordingly.

It seems that Dice has developed Frostbite by leaps and bounds, and now other great games are going to be using the engine as well including Mass Effect: Andromeda and FIFA 17.

Battlefield 1 releases on October 21st 2016 and this Bro Squad Member is now counting down the seconds.